Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Good Morning All, It's a brisk morning here in California. I love the fall and winter seasons. The smell of rain and wood burning in the fire place, and of course getting all bundled up in winter clothes.

I purchased this jar from Target and decided I was going to use our decor elements to jazz it up. I love Halloween so I thought let's makes this a decorative candy jar. If our Decor Elements makes you nervous to apply, don't be they are extremely user friendly. You are all probably looking at this picture and saying I know that I have seen this somewhere, well you are right! I copied this from our definitely decorative catalog which you can find on pg. 7. I thought it was so cute that I had to have one! I filled it with Halloween treats which probably was not a good idea being that I love candy. The element used was the small black Spooky Brocade {item# 117572 $8.95} and 1 1/4" Stripped Black Ribbon for the lid. Thank you for stopping by but I must get going there is candy to be eaten! LOL

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