Friday, April 15, 2011

IMPRINTS Swap Winners

Happy Friday, Whoo Hoo! At our imprints meeting we always have a card contest. This time we had a few of the girls make 3-D projects which also made it fun and changed it up a bit. We had a tie this time and these were the 2 winners. They are both really cute and fun and so completely different. Definately great samples to have at workshops and classes. Thank you again Bev for another fun filled Imprints meeting. Keeping it short today I have a little one that is sick and is wanting to play trains. Patients on a 3 year old only lasts so long. Thank you for stopping by!
Stamped by: Kelli Peterson Stamped by: Nicole Gunderson
I hope that I spelt your last name right if not let me know and I wil change it. =D

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